New Nursery Space & Cutting Boxes

Up at the farm, Jayanti and I spent some time last week clearing out an old cattle coral to use for expanded nursery space. The coral is fenced off with Eucalyptus timber built by the old Paniolo cattle ranchers. The space is partly shaded by a beautiful old Kiawe tree (Prosopis pallida), perfect for filtered light nursery space. Within the coral are two large metal water troughs that we intend to design and transform into cutting boxes.

Jaytanti working next to the old metal water troughs within the cattle coral. They are a bit rusty, but we are confident that they will make excellent cutting boxes, located in the epicenter of our new nursery space.

The entrance to the old coral/new nursery site. There is a Papaya food forest adjacent to the coral on the left side of the photo.

Standing under the nicely shaded canopy within the coral. These Kiawe trees will provide beneficial filtered light for young plants in the nursery.

In the coral, there are many existing clumps of grass that we have begun to cut back, dig out, and use for mulch in the Papaya forest garden next to the nursery site. Some of the big old clumps are probably over 50 years old and have just continuously been eaten down by cattle and deer for years. The soil underneath them is so fertile and moist, and probably hasn’t seen the sky in a very long time…

On the South facing border of the coral, we took down the old Eucalyptus timber fence. A lot of the timber is still in good condition, but the majority of the lower beams have been infested with termites. This will give us more access to the Papaya forest garden and provide a recycled source of useable timber.

Jayanti pruning the central Kiawe tree in the coral.

Jayanti pruning the clippings from the Kiawe tree for mulch in the Papaya forest garden. Onsite biomass chop and drop, turning green-waste into a resource.

The bigger intact branches pruned from the Kiawe tree that weren’t used for mulch will make great fire wood!

The end of a work day in the coral. The new nursery site is coming along! More updates soon on the cutting boxes as well!