And more nursery space is created! Jayanti and I have been setting up very cost effective nursery space for fruit trees. Down the road at a local outlet store, are vast numbers of untreated wooden pallets that are usually picked up and taken to the landfill if I’m not mistaken… Anyway, we have decided to RECYCLE, and use these well made strong and most importantly, FREE, wooden pallets for the fruit trees. Amazing materials, following sustainable principles of recycling and reusing.

We decided to sheet mulch over the grass where we chose to place the pallets. First we cut the grass back a bit with a sickle, put down a layer of cardboard, covered the cardboard with local woodchips, and then placed the pallets on top of the mulch, making sure they were level by adding some rocks or cinder blocks under certain corners to adjust the levels.

New vacant nursery space about to be filled!

Lots and lots of planted Mango and Avocado seeds waiting to sprout and be grafted, along with some already grafted young Mango trees in the back. Mmmmmm, gonna be tasty!!!


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