From the Ground, Up!

Working with Jayanti these past few weeks has been an exciting adventure, he has so much to share and so much experience that he brings to the table. A basic principle that I’ve learned, is that having good soil, is everything. So, we began by creating a healthy and diverse potting mix, which usually consists of 1/3 volcanic cinders locally harvested from the enormous volcano we live on, 1/3 peat and 1/3 locally sourced organic compost.

                             It’s nice to have a flat surface to mix your potting soil on.

Because of the extremely hyper arid environment where this nursery is located, it’s important to add some water as we go. This helps to keep the dust down as we mix the pile with a shovel, as well as activating the microbial life with the most essential ingredient for life that nature has to offer.


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