Pot Em’ Up!

Freshly mixed potting soil and some new Mulberry cuttings!De-seeding Mangoes, Star Apples, and Avocados to plant for Rootstalks, to be grafted to later on once they sprout and grow to be a foot or two in height.
Once the seeds are washed and cleaned of fruit scraps, they are freshly planted as soon as possible.After planting these Avocado seeds, they are watered and then mulched with woodchips. This is to mimic the natural system of a forest floor; the mulch acts as a living blanket, protecting the fragile soil from the intense heat of the sun, reducing evaporation and the need to water as much. It’s incredible how much water and money are saved when mulch is applied to both potted plants and plants in the ground! MULCH IT!
  • I’ve heard that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the second best time is right now…

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