Air Layering Adventure

Jayanti and I took an adventure to the southeastern side of the island to gather some Air Layers that he had put onto a really tasty Lychee tree about 3 months ago. I believe this variety is known as The Emperor’s Lychee. I have yet to try it, but I’ll let you know how it taste when the season comes around next summer.

Jayanti underneath the young Lychee tree cutting off Air Layers to be planted for more “Emperor” trees.

Here, Jayanti is pruning this new Lychee Air Layer to begin shaping its structure as a tree. It is good to do this to give the tree a healthy start, inevitably relinquishing the need to prune as heavily when it is a mature tree. Start them young and healthy!

This is what a healthy Air Layer should look like when it is taken off of the tree it came from after about 3 months. When the tin foil is unwrapped, the moss inside should be almost completely covered by a strong and vigorous root system.

Jayanti Nand, holding a new Lychee Air Layer. This one is ready to be potted up and supported to it’s full potential as an abundantly bearing fruit tree.


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