Carob Propagation!

Acquired some Carob pods from a friend up country the other day! Ceratonia siliqua, an amazing tree-crop for the tropics.

Opening the Carob pods and setting aside the sweet, edible shells from the seeds to plant in tree tubes.


The seeds from the Carob pods are about the size of lentils. After taking them out of the pods, they were gently scored once with a file just to break the surface slightly, allowing moisture in, kindling the germination process and the long journey these little trees will undertake toward abundance.

Giving a good soak to the new homes of the Carob seeds. They will grow for a while in these small pots until they are ready to be “potted up” to the next size, or into the ground, depending on whether or not some of these little ones will be sold at the nursery, or planted on the farm.



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