Beloved Festival, Oregon

I had the privilege to attend the most profoundly potent transformational festival ever! The Beloved Sacred Art and Music Festival near the Oregon coast. The small four day festival evokes the understanding that the power of conscious intention though the fusion of live sacred ethnic music and art can transform human consciousness from separation to that of love and unity with all life. I am once again humbled by this gathering’s success at never seizing to open my heart and the hearts of all who attend. The musical diversity was incredibly synergistic, bringing forth sounds and beats from many different cultures around the world to coagulate boundaries of separation. Such performances included traditional music from Africa, India, electronic music, acoustic folk music, and forms of sound healing. Truly a magical spectrum! Along with excellent organic food and wonderful people, there were numerous workshops which included Yoga, Qi Gong, massage, meditation, sound healing and vocal resonance, spiritual engagement and personal and community empowerment. I highly recommend this gathering. It is definitely the highest vibrational west coast music festival that is on the growing edge of spiritual transformation!


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