Organic Nursery Internship

Wow! What a fascinating study, getting to jump into the flow of a nursery system in Hawai’i, producing so many different fruit tree species and cultivars, among other kinds of plants that get to live in Hawai’i, all using organic principles and holistic perspectives and approaches.

Why would I want to intern with and learn from someone who is organically propagating fruit trees? Well, I personally do not believe in using chemical fertilizers and biocides to grow plants. I want to support the natural systems of Earth using regenerative, healthy practices. When plants in a nursery are started in chemically treated potting mix and sprayed with all kinds of poisons like herbacides, pesticides, fungicides, or any other biocide, the soil quality, the living microbial communities and beings that inhabit what we call “soil”, are totally vacant, thus degrading the vitality of any plant attempting to grow in this “soil like substance”, that lacks the diversity, quality and quantity of beneficial microorganisms that feed the plants and keep them happy. Chemicals only stress the plants immune systems and end up forcing them to look strong and vigorous, only, in reality, this is short lived, as the soil health declines along with the plant’s sustainability.

This is why I wish to learn how to propagate plants organically. I know that it is extremely important for our isolated island community to produce our own food plants organically, with out importing plant stock from thousands of miles away. This island is a recovering oasis, and believe that organic nursery systems will play a major role in the rejuvenation of our natural environment. We can do it! It all starts now, in the nursery. So come, and join this adventure, a journey of Permaculture and organic Horticulture.


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